Dr Kevin Higgins

1980 – 1983 : Worked with Iranians in the Los Angeles area

1984 – 1985 : Worked with Somalis in Uganda

1986 – 1989 : Completed Masters in Divinity; did urban church planting with quasi homeless people

1990 – 1999 : Moved to Pakistan and Bangladesh. Did fish farming there and saw movements to Jesus emerge and grow and thrive in a number of Ismaelite people groups

2000 – 2018  : Became director of sending agency and have stayed involved in South Asia until today

Organisation : – President of William Carey International University in California / General Director of Frontier Ventures (formerly US Center for World Mission)

Family : Married to Susan for 38 years and they have 3 daughters and one son-in-law.

Dr Kevin Higgins, the Keynote Speaker, will be covering the following sessions and topics in the September 2019 National Diaspora Symposium.

Sessions and Topics:
Session 1
Where is God in the Diaspora? A Biblical and Missiological Perspective

Session 2
Discipleship in Matthew’s Gospel: Lenses for Evaluating Current Missional Strategies

Session 3
“Everything is Local…to Someone”: God’s Local Purposes and Global Responses

Session 4
Keeping Our Eyes Aligned with His: God’s Global Purposes and Local Responses

Session 5
Collaboration in a Biblical Framework: The Koinonias in Philippians 

Resources and Reading:-

Primary Materials: Biblical Resources Providing Background to the Sessions (for pre-reading)

Genesis 1:1 to 12:3 (esp. Session 1)

Matthew’s Gospel (tracing the theme of discipleship; esp. Session 2)

Philippians (look especially for the term “koinonia” often translated in English as partnership or sharing or companionship or fellowship; esp. Session 5)

Secondary Materials: Books Providing Background to the Sessions

Contagious Disciple Making; David and Paul Watson; Thomas Nelson; 2014

Though the recent emphasis on “disciple making movements” (or DMM) is controversial for some, this book provides both practical examples and principles that are well worth reflection and consideration. This book is added to provide additional insights related to Sessions 2 in particular.

Diaspora Missiology; editors, Michael Pocock and Enoch Wan; William Carey Library; 2015

A compilation for numerous authors from a variety of perspectives and covering multiple issues associated with diaspora ministry. It can be difficult reading at points, but this book serves as a helpful overview. This book has been selected because it touches every Session in one way or another.

Jesus’ Call to Discipleship; James D. G. Dunn; Cambridge University Press; 1992

This book is included as particularly relevant to Session 2. Though Dunn is looking at Matthew, Mark, and Luke, his insights will help illuminate or discussions of Matthew,

A Wind in the House of Islam; David Garrison; WIGTake Resources; 2014

Though this book is mainly focused on the Ismaelite world, and is not specifically addressing diaspora issues, Garrison’s study however describes movement dynamics in a very helpful way. Much of what he shares would provide principles for almost any context. This is especially true of the chapters in Part 3 which try to summarize his findings and suggest implications.