Eric Cheah

A bi-vocational labour lawyer who has lived in Hanoi before.

Started UFIN (United Friendship Initiative), our national network to reach the Vietnamese workers in Malaysia. UFIN has been active as a multi-mission network since 2002, working on an inter-D basis to establish a non-denominational Vietnamese Church in Malaysia. Our work has been holistic and we have engaged up to 50% of the 260,000 Vietnamese workers who have already returned to Vietnam.

Organisation :  Associate Member of STAMP. 

Nature of Work :  

The work of UFIN is winding up as most of our believers have returned to Vietnam. My wife is Northern Vietnamese and she is involved more and more with other Vietnamese wives. There could be 15,000 Vietnamese married to Malaysians and residing here. Currently, I am pursuing ministry to diaspora and other UPGs in northern Laos and Sabah. 

Topic  :  How UFIN has been fruitful

  • Description of what UFIN has done 
  • Why we have been effective
  • Key lessons & Conclusion

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