Jacqueline Lawan

1994 : Graduated as a chemical engineer from Syracuse University, NY. Resided and worked for more than 10 years in the US before she heard the call of God to go into missions.

2007 : Returned home to Kuching, Sarawak in 2007. Immersed herself into cross-cultural outreach ministries. Also mobilized youth and young adults for mission for the past 8 years.

2011 : Attended Biblical Storytelling and Apologetic training and was introduced to the Church Planting Movement (CPM).

2013 : Pursued further training into Disciple Making Movement (DMM) and Discovery bible Study (DBS) at Frontiers Mission candidate school. Returning from this training, she saw herself as a “DMM Starter”. Storytelling (orality method) and DBS are both power tools or fruitful practices for DMM to happen. Since then (2011), she has been practicing these Fruitful Practices. She has passed on these skills to others by conducting DMM These are Movement Efforts. She has been invited to facilitate Storytelling workshops at several UPG Conferences.

She has introduced these fruitful practices to pastors, missionaries, leaders in the church and marketplace, school teachers, public school students, seminary students and lecturers, YWAM Brisbane based, government staff, and most recently, medical students, Bible translators, Faith Comes by Hearing staff ( deliver audio Bibles) and a few strategic lawyers. This is a Privilege!

2009 – 2011 : Associate Pastor and missionary in BM congregation at SIB Bandar Baru Samariang. Was involved as a leader for the Haggai Seminar at Maui, Hawaii in 2011.

Current Organisation :
Breakthrough Network in Kuching since 2016 at the Youth Center on part time basis and at various other places as part of movement efforts.

She actively uses Storytelling to bridge the gap and reach the lost by using Stories from the Bible that will bring the hearers to the point of discovering and choosing Jesus as the ONLY true God and Savior. Her ministry focus is to the least reached people groups.

Topic : The Model of Disciple Making that Jesus Gave Us

DISCOVERY! Jesus brought the core 12 disciples from the point of not knowing Him to the point where they discovered who He really was and were ready to follow Him anywhere, even to die for Him.

1. TWO FRUITFUL PRACTISES (power tools) for disciple making that lead to  DMM (Disciple Making Movement) or CPM:

A. Discovery Bible study – it’s an obedience based disciple making tools/approach. It uses the concept of discipling people to conversion.
It only requires the Bible, the Holy Spirit is the Teacher.

B. Biblical Storytelling – orality method, 75% of people in the world are illiterate. It is also a discovery approach, non risky, everyone loves stories, ideal when reaching hard places.

Both of the above approaches help people to discover and obey, not just teaching and knowledge.  Facilitator makes sure that audiences understand the passages through simple questions. Facilitators encourage the believers and also pre believers to translate what they have learned to applications in their lives.

People discover, they confess. Confession leads to immediate Obedience. Obedience leads to disciples who make disciples. And it is Unstoppable.

Ideal Platform: teaching English use Bible storytelling.

C. I will show a 10 min video on CPM (DMM) where DBS and Storytelling are used.

I conduct DBS/storytelling workshops that are described in this video


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Email : jflawan@gmail.com