Joy Lee

Executive Director of Light of Dawn International or Yayasan Internasional Cahaya Fajar (YICF)

  • Worked globally for six years as an Operations & Event Coordinator for the Global Christian Forum and the Reformed Ecumenical Council.
  • 2014 : Moved to Jakarta to work  as a lecturer of Management & Entrepreneurship at the Universitas Pelita Harapan Business School. After two and half years of teaching, Joy returned to the non-profit sector by joining YICF as Executive Director in August 2018. 
  • Holds an MBA from Baylor University (USA) and a BA in International Relations from Calvin College (USA).
  • Joy is Korean-American but has spent most of her life in Mongolia, Germany, and the US.
  • She lives in South Jakarta with her Indonesian husband.

Current Organisation : Yayasan Internasional Cahaya Fajar (YICF) or “Light of Dawn International”

Nature of work : YICF is a local NGO with international leadership, established in 2015 to empower marginalized urban communities through education and enterprise. YICF has a unique focus on serving both refugees and Indonesians through three core programs:

  1. Roshan Learning Centre (est. 2014), a community-based education program serving 150 refugee students from age 3 to adulthood,
  2. FAAR (est. 2009), a financial assistance and medical expense subsidy program serving 100-120 refugees
  3. LIFE (est. 2012), a pre-school, after-school tutoring, and scholarship program for 180 children and youth in garbage scavenger communities in East Jakarta.

Topic  :  Reaching Urban Refugees through International Churches

  • The Unique Position of International Churches
  • How International Churches are Engaging Refugees
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Finding a Way Forward

These points will be used to share the experience of Jakarta International Christian Fellowship, which has been working with refugees in Jakarta since 2009, and how it led to establishing a social NGO and what we are learning in the process, especially as God calls us to partner with more churches and mission-related networks. 

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