How to Register

You may register yourself online here by following the steps below:

  1. Determine how much you need to pay by checking the table below.
  2. Make payment and keep the soft copy or take a photo of the payment slip. [Payment information]
  3. For Overseas Participants, you have the option to register now and pay on arrival. Please book your own accommodation. [Recommended hotels]
  4. Fill up the form below and attach the soft copy version of your payment slip.
  5. Determine which workshops you wish to attend.
  6. Submit the registration once the form is completed.
  7. Optionally you can download the manual registration form and submit by email together with payment slip to

Registration Closing Date: 15 September 2019

Online Registration

Personal Details 个人资料


Person to contact in case of emergency 紧急事件联络人:



Church/Organization Affiliation 教会/机构会员


Language Used: English 媒介语: 英语

Translations will be provided in Mandarin 有中文翻译.
Translation needed 需要翻译 ?
Yes 需要No 不需要


Payment 付款方式

Local Participants:

  • All local participants are required to pay on registration. Registration is accepted only upon full payment of registration fee.
  • Please pay by cheque or cash, bank into Maybank (MBB) Account no: 512398022613
    Account Name: Migrant Ministry Klang
  • Please write your name as per registration and the words “NDS 2019” on the bank in slip/receipt, scan or photograph the slip/receipt and attach it with this form or email to
  • Payment will only be certified when proof of payment (bank in slip/receipt) is received.

Overseas Participants:

  • Overseas participants are required to pay on arrival at the Symposium. Please book your own accommodation from the recommended list.
  • Only USD or Malaysian Ringgit will be accepted (USD 50 / RM 200).


  • 所有本地参加者都必须在报名时付费,报名费缴清后才算已接受报名。
  • 请把支票或现金汇入马来亚银行 Maybank (MBB) Account no.: 512398022613,户口名称:Migrant Ministry
  • 在汇入收据上写上报名者姓名(与表格相同) 以及‘NDS 2019’的字眼,把汇入收据的扫描或摄影电邮。
  • 收到汇入证据后才算收到报名费。


  • 海外参加者必须在到达会场时付费。请从推荐单中自定住宿。
  • 只接收美金和马币(美金 50;马币 200)。
Tick ONE option ONLY 在适当的格子里画勾

Select Option Descriptions Fees
LP-RM100 Local participant Registration Fee WITHOUT Accommodation
RM 100.00
Local participant Registration Fee WITH Accommodation
(Twin/triple sharing subject to availability)
RM 200.00
OP-RM200 Overseas participant (registration fee only / including meals)
RM 200.00 (USD 50.00)
LS-RM100 Local Seminary Student claiming credit hours (incl registration, meals & accommodation)
RM 100.00
IG-FOC Invited Guest


Workshop Preference 工作坊选择

Workshop sessions are only on Day 2. Multiple topics will run concurrently. Please select ONE topic, for each of the Morning and Afternoon sessions.

Please indicate () your workshop topic preference below 请在你选择的工作坊打钩 ()
Please state Option 1 (most preferred) and Option 2 (the next most preferred) for both the two sessions。
请注明两个时段的选项 1(最优选)和选项 2(下一个最优选)。
For logistics reasons, if response to a particular workshop is overwhelming, later participants may be assigned to other workshops.

Day 2 – Sept 27th (Fri) 第二天 -- 27/09(星期五)
Morning 早上
Afternoon 下午
The Power of Collaboration & Collaborative Leadership

Peter Shanker
Diaspora Missions: The ECB Model of Networking & Funding
散聚宣教:联网与资金 ECB 模式

Dr Ng Oi Leng
Beyond Literacy: Developing a Multi-model Approach in Diaspora Outreach & Engagement
Dr Calvin Chong
Cross Cultural Relationship Building
Ma Yani
Missions Opportunity Among International Students 国际学生宣机

Teng Yang
Sustainable Social Enterprise Model to Serve the Diaspora
服事散聚民的自持社会企业模式 Festus Thomas


Sharing of Contact Details 分享联系资料 :

In line with the 2019 National Diaspora Symposium’s objective to have greater collaboration with one another, would you agree to have us publish your contact details (name/phone no/email) in our information booklet distributed to all participants.
根据 2019 年全国散聚宣教研讨会的目标,加强彼此之间联系,您是否同意让我们在分发给所有参与者的手册中分享您的


Enquiries 咨询

Online : Use Contact Us Form
Email 电邮 :
Office Tel 办公室电话: +603 33186386
Katie : +6017 264 0356 (for registration and general queries/有关于注册和一般查询)
Lilian Si : +6016 3185372 (for queries on the symposium/有关研讨会的查询)
Julie Tan : +6016 3290377 (for payment queries/有关付款的查询)


Manual Registration

Manual Registration Form

Optionally you can download the manual registration form and
submit by email together with payment slip to

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