Dr Calvin Chong

  • PhD in Educational Studies (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) 
  • Associate Professor (Practical Theology), Singapore Bible College
  • Council Member, Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore
  • Board Member, Healthserve (an NGO serving male migrant workers in Singapore)
  • Worship Chairperson, Covenant Community Methodist Church

Current Organisation : Singapore Bible College

Nature of work:

  • Lecturing in urban and diaspora missions and practical theology at SBC;
  • Chair of non-medical services committee at Healthserve overseeing the counselling, casework, and engagement activities for Chinese, Indian and Bangladeshi migrant workers in Singapore;
  • Editor/contributor to The Servant at the Fringes: Christians Serving Foreign Workers in Singapore.

Chong, C. (Ed.). (2018). The Servant at the Fringes: Christians Serving Foreign Workers in Singapore, Singapore Bible College.

Topic               : Beyond Literacy: Developing a Multimodal Approach in Diaspora Outreach and Engagement

Synopsis: The session will build on the current shift in theory and practice toward integrating different modalities in communications and education. We will explore its implications for diaspora outreach and engagement and share examples as applied to scripture engagement, creating self-awareness, conflict management, addressing social and justice issues, etc.

Email   : calchong@sbc.edu.sg