Festus Thomas

A Technopreneur who started the company “Planattel Asia Pacific Pte Ltd” in   1993, based in Singapore, developing and provisioning software solutions to the business and social enterprise sectors.

  • Over the past 4 yrs also started two social enterprises, ‘Shop2Share Pte Ltd’ and ‘Farm2Hope Pte Ltd’ to help build up a business ecosystem to support  entrepreneurs in marginalised communities. The objectives of these two social enterprises are to bring economic empowerment and community transformation through business.
  • As a disciple of Christ he is motivated to obey the second commandment of Jesus to ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ by using God given talents, as a responsible steward to manage God’s resources on this earth through entrepreneurship and to multiply the benefits to bring about sustainable wholesome transformation of poor and marginalised communities.

Organisation : Shop2Share Pte Ltd

Nature of Work

Developing strategies for building up the Social Enterprise Business infrastructure integrating Supply Chain, Healthy Products and Technology to bring quality products from producers direct to consumers.

Facilitating collaboration between like-minded individuals and groups building up a team to manage the business process with various expertise like marketing, product development, package design, pricing strategies, etc.

Actively building a sustainable and profitable business empowerment infrastructure, channeling products from the marginalised communities, achieving economic empowerment, while meeting the needs of all contributing to the operators.

Topic :   Sustainable Social Enterprise Model to Serve the Diaspora

  • Biblical basis for developing Social Enterprises
  • Strategy being adopted in developing the Social Enterprises ‘Shop2Share’ and ‘Farm2Hope’
  • Challenges in developing sustainable business using Social Enterprises
  • Suggested model for using Social Enterprises to create Sustainable income to support Diaspora

Phone : +65 6693 6881
Email : festus@planettel.com.sg