Peter Shankar Nambiar

Involved with cross-cultural missions since 1988, and since going full time in 1999, Peter has been an advocate for Unreached People Groups, mobilizing churches to go cross-cultural, and placing cross-cultural workers in their rightful place with the right motivations, strength and gifting.

Peter also serves on global missions bodies ie. ETHNE, the official network for Unreached People Groups for the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission (WEA MC), and SEALink, the regional network for missions in Southeast Asia. He is also a Missions Associate with the WEA MC, and a Mentor for Lausanne Movement, Younger Global Leaders.

Peter has almost 20 years of experience working with cross-cultural teams (in the mission field, projects), and has a niche in member-health, mobilization and church planting.

Current Organisation :  Secretary-General of the Malaysia Center for Global Missions (MCGM), the national body for missions in Malaysia steering national missions initiatives for collaboration, and unity in missions.

Peter Shankar is married to a lovely wife, Janet Luison, and they have two beautiful children, Schenker and Samantha.

Topic :  The Power of Collaboration and Collaborative Leadership

Great things happen when we work together. It is a powerful strategy in producing results, effectively putting resources together, energy, talents and goals paving the way for the success of our missions, and ministry initiatives. What takes collaboration to the next level is collaborative leadership, it’s the type of leadership required to get effective and efficient results in accomplishing our task.  A collaborative leader invests time to build relationships, handles conflicts in a constructive manner, and has the ability to see the big picture. 

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