According to the 2018 World Population Review, Malaysia is estimated to have over 6 million economic migrants. About two-thirds of these migrant workers are undocumented immigrants (also known as “illegal immigrants”).

The UNHCR Malaysia concurrently reports that there are about 159,980 registered refugees and asylum-seekers in Malaysia as of July 2018. The refugees and asylum-seekers originate from 50 different countries including:
Myanmar (87%) with Rohingyas (47%) comprising nearly half of the percentage;
Pakistan (3.6%);
Yemen (1.8%);
Somali (1.8%);
Syrian (1.7%);
Afghan (1.6%);
Iraq (0.9%); and
Palestine (0.4%).

We see the world-wide movement of individuals caused by the unprecedented rise in global migration as part of God’s sovereign plan to facilitate the spreading of the Good News to the ends of the earth. This phenomenon presents us with opportunities to reach out to the refugees and migrants in our midst with God’s message of love and salvation. It is time that we recognise and respond to the call for “cross-cultural missions at our doorsteps.”